I highly recommend Polish Salon for your manicure and pedicure needs!  The salon is warm and welcoming, restful and relaxing, and with the highest standards of cleanliness!  You will be impressed with the gals at Polish Salon!”    

-- Valerie C.

Polish Salon

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Polish Salon is a unique, comfortable environment where you can expect high standards, good customer service, and a relaxing, clean experience.

Nail services are performed with skill, quality professional products and expert sanitation. A custom pedicure area (no whirlpool spa chairs) safe nail services such as gel polish, glitter toes, designer nails, gels and acrylics.
 Did we say glitter? 

Polish Salon
2814 E. Imperial Highway
Brea, CA 92821

                 We work by appointments!                    Call and reserve your time with us. 


Credit & Debit Cards Accepted! 

Please turn cell phones to vibrate!

No children allowed
unless they are receiving services. 

Why a custom pedicure area with pedicure bowls and not big jetted units? 

Our biggest reason for using removable bowls instead of stationary jetted basins in spa chairs is sanitation.  How many horror stories have you heard about people getting fungus, planters warts, athlete’s foot or worse from an unsanitary pedicure station?  And, no matter how well a stationary jetted pedicure station is cleaned, the simple fact is the jets and hoses inside the machines can still harbor bacteria within their components. 

Our removable bowls allow us to completely empty and sanitize between each client.  There are no hidden crevices or hoses, so you won't ever need to wonder or worry about how clean they are.

We believe you'll enjoy your pedicure in our big over sized comfy chairs and bowls just as much as you would with a jetted station with the added benefit of knowing you are getting the cleanest pedicure possible with no sanitation worries.

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